Hello There!

I'm Katie! A passionate and dedicated editorial designer who loves all things magazines, clean lines and bold typography. I channel this everyday when I am creating new designs.

Unlike many, I fell in love with design a little later on. My passion for design did not begin when I was 3 years old and  made my first painting. It came one sunset in September when I climbed to the top of a old oak tree and watched the sun setting over the lake. When I saw how beautiful a scene the reflection of the warm colors on the water was, I was so inspired and wanted to share it's beauty with others. Now I get to share many forms of beauty every time I create a new design.

Currently, I am working at The Knot, wedding magazine at XO Group Inc in Manhattan. When I'm not designing, you can usually find me trying different Mexican restaurants, spending time with friends and taking photos of the lovely New York City.